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Castelgrande BellinzonaThe History of Spazio Aperto

In the neighbourhood North of Bellinzona, which grew without a real urban plan, the need has long been felt for a place of socialisation.

This need grew when the Church of the Sacred Heart, officiated by the Capuchin Fathers, became a parish.

It was then that it was decided to build in the meadows of the convent a centre that would allow the population to meet, in order to satisfy their social and cultural needs.

It was decided that the centre should not be an offshoot of the Church, but a secular association was promoted to administer the centre.




DSC 0162aThus Spazio Aperto (Open Space) was born in Via Gerretta 9a

From its first years of activity, the Centre has proved of great benefit not only to the district of the city of Bellinzona, but given its location, is a favourite meeting place of all the Ticino and the Swiss hinterland.

Those who have used it so far have always admired the simplicity of the architectural lines, the comfort of its spaces that allow for the organisation of meetings and small groups of study, as well as concerts of various kinds.

But what is appreciated most is the fact that a large group can book exclusively the entire Centre to organise full study days, stopping for lunch or dinner.






In addition...

At Spazio Aperto, you can organise wedding banquets, children’s baptisms, corporate events. It is also possible to rent one of the rooms for birthday parties.

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