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The Activities

For years now, Spazio Aperto has offered citizens of Bellinzona and the neighbouring towns a whole range of activities centred around social issues and of public utility.

Over the course of its presence on the territory, Spazio Aperto has had the opportunity to organise camps, courses, educational meetings, school canteens, moments of entertainment for children and venues for the elderly.

Among the main activities we can list:


Summer Camp

Every year, Spazio Aperto organises for the city of Bellinzona a summer camp, designed especially to cater to the needs of those families where both parents have jobs.

Since 2005, in collaboration with the municipality of Bellinzona, our Association has decided to extend the camping period and at the same time, to meet the numerous requests to increase the number of participants.

The camp is organised on two shifts of two weeks each, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 4:30 p.m. The camp is coordinated by a Director supported by about a dozen assistants who, with great commitment are experts in entertaining and amusing groups of children aged between 6 and 11 years.

During the two weeks, several excursions are organised, meant to enrich the knowledge of children with visits to places, institutions or interesting project-based events. The Centre also organises visits to the swimming pool of Bellinzona or, as done in various editions, to the Swissminatur Park or the Park in Goldau. At the end of camping period, as usual, parents, children and monitors all meet together for the final going-away party.

For updated information, please consult the "News" section


Social education

One of the most interesting and useful moments is the one regularly dedicated to social education.

Spazio Aperto, in collaboration with the Youth activities Department of the municipality of Bellinzona, proposes a series of ethical and social meetings every month, aimed at raising awareness of our younger generation, between 13 and 18 years old. All parents with children in this age group are invited to attend. The different working groups formed will be animated by qualified staff.

These meetings are very important, because they stimulate participation: because it is only with a continuous presence and active contribution that we can give importance to what we do.


  • Trust: Simply because there is so much need for it.
  • Co-responsibility: Because it is necessary to become accountable for our duties in order to better recognise our rights.
  • Discussion: In playful form.
  • Participants will have to choose between two conflicting ethical positions regarding social and moral issues. Some of the topics covered have included "Alcoholism", "The death penalty", "Forgiveness".


 ....and many others

"The three Tuesdays of Spazio Aperto".

The group of Animators of the courses for couples of the Sacred Heart community in collaboration with Spazio Aperto is organising a series of conferences that is meant to spur reflections on the dynamics within the couple that form over the years, to offer through expert lecturers some valid suggestions on how to take care of the couple's life, in order to make it strong and peaceful.

This new proposal wishes to respond to the increasingly insistent request of couples, mostly young people who are questioning their daily lives.

Spazio Aperto over time also has addressed the following topics:


Children: a resource or a problem for the couple?


 Don Sergio Chiesa, theologian, expert in the field of education and family relations, has also intervened in the debate.


What unites and what divides the couple?

Organised by Dr. Giovannella Nasta Stropeni, psychologist-psychotherapist, psychotherapist in clinical sexology and professor at the University of Genoa and expert in couple-related issues.

"Three couples tell their story" How to be a couple in today's life, what difficulties and obstacles we can encounter. What helps make the couple close-knit, healthy and serene.

Thanks to the tale of three couples, the aim is to encourage reflection and stimulate discussion about the life of the couple.


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